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-- >>> the ex-governor finally answers the question, just one year and 51 days after katie couric asked it. >> i read the news max and the "frontiersman" and "wall street journal" and everything online. >> the indoor football team that's going to play in wasilla. that's below the ad for the free copy of the book and up and to the left from the other ad for the other free copy of the book. all that and more now on "countdown." >> the huntin' and the fishin' and the hockey mom. >>> good evening from new york. republicans have been claiming that in 2,074 pages, the senate health care reform bill is longer tolstoy's "war and peace," longer than harry potter's books, longer than the king james bible, but when the democrats point out once you adjust to the size of an actual book, it's about the same size as the sarah palin memoir, which runs 413 pages. our fifth story in the "countdown," more substantial republican arguments at killing reform obliterated from the congressional budget analysis of the bill. you recall when majority leader reid unveiled the score from the cbo deficit recited as $127 bill
more about selling books or about her political future ambitions? here to make their case, katie halpert, founder of a laughing political group with the huffington post and sabrina shafer. sabrina, we'll start with you. there are reports out of noblesville, indiana, that apparently the event was not set up very well. sarah palin for whatever reason could not sign all the books. the crowd got angry and started yelling "quitter." i mean, obviously, it is not sarah palin's fault, but she is not -- this is becoming its own sort of phenomenon, right? >> right. the fact that she left the governorship early and chose to pursue the new path, but i think what is really important is she made a great decision when she stepped down as governor. i think the thing is she has an opportunity now to refashion her entire political personna in the public eye and she's doing a phenomenal job with the attention of all the media for all the last week, the last 24 hours, all we are talking about is sarah palin, her new image and her book which is the key to her success. she is no longer the pawn of the
felt ambushed when katie couric asked her what newspaper she read. this coming from a woman who hunts wolves from a helicopter. >>> all that and more now on "countdown." >>> good evening from new york. i'm lawrence o'donnell in for keith olbermann. perhaps the biggest misconception to gain currency in this year's health care debate is never before has congress gotten this far in passing reform. looking ahead to tomorrow night's procedural vote in the senate, our fifth story on the "countdown," it is worth remembering that at this stage in 1994, there was no doubt hillary clinton's health care reform bill would get 60 votes in the senate to proceed to debate. it wasn't even a question. this time the majority leader is rolling the met for cal dice. senator harry reid scheduled a cloture vote on a motion to proceed to debate without being sirn of the outcome. a high ranking staff member in the democratic leadership characterized reid's level of confidence for us as, quote, cautiously optimistic. to win the motion to proceed, senator reid is going to need the vote of every democrat, both
, katie couric, steven spielberg, political superstar republican louisiana governor bobby jindal, colin powell and the sometimes republican sometimes independent sometimes democratic mayor of new york city michael bloomberg. all eyes on michelle obama wearing an elegant gown by naeem kahn. time for the big number. you know how republican leaders keep attacking democrats for spending so much money. house majority leader john boehner might want to look at his own greens fees. congressman boehner's political action committee spent almost $83,000 on golf outings this year at courses from his home state of ohio to virginia to florida. they have teed off to the tune of $82,998. by the way, john boehner waiting for an invite to go golfing with the president. hasn't happened yet. >>> up next, getting to 60. is the public option standing in the way of passing the new health care bill in the senate? we talk to a senator that is critical to the debate. you are watching "hardball" only on msnbc. okay, now here's our holiday gift list. aww, not the mall. well, i'll do the shopping... if you do the s
that they talked to katie couric, it was like ambush journalism, with ambush questions like "what do you read?" >> right. >> that's a trick question. not if you read, no, it's not, really. >> caught her off guard. >> anyway, that is the story, isn't it? that question that some see as a softball that governor palin couldn't answer. what do you read? and others, her fans see it as a big-city fastball. >>> next, birther mania lives on. take a look at this billboard out in colorado. it reads "president or jihad? birth certificate, prove it." then, of course, "wake up, america, remember ft. hood." well, that billboard represents the bad streak in american history from the no-nothings in the 19th century to the birchers in the 1950s to the birthers of today. it's nothing new and it's obviously not a great advertisement for america. >>> finally, lou dobbs for president? >> crazy as it may sound, there is talk of lou dobbs for president in 2012. is that crazy talk? >> what's so crazy about that? >> that's what i'm asking you. >> goly, i mean -- >> well, is it crazy talk or is it real? >> i'll tell yo
anchor katie couric. hollywood mogul steven spielberg and david geffen. political superstars republican louisiana governor bobby jindal, colin powell, and the sometimes republican, sometimes independent, sometimes democratic mayor of new york city michael bloomberg. all eyes were on radiant michelle obama, who was wearing an elegant strapless gown by indian designer naeen kahn. and all say the state dinner was a big success. you know how republican leaders in congress keep attacking democrats for spending so much money. house minority leader john boehner right want to take a look at his own greens fees. according to fec filings drawn up by politico, boehner has spent almost $83,000 on golf outings this year. congressman boehner and friends have teed off to the tune of $82,998. that's tonight's big numbers. by the way, john boehner is still waiting for an invite to go golfing with the president. hasn't happened yet. >>> up next, getting to 60. is the public option standing in the way of passing the new health care bill in the senate. we'll talk to a senator that's critical to the debate.
models suffering eating disorder. katie green told the british newspaper "the sun" -- millions of girls aspire to be like kate moss. these comments are shocking and irresponsible. i'm not sure if kate moss' comments on weight crushed her image any more than her well-documented substance abuse. should this cross the line? or should we give teenage girls more credit in they can, these days, it seems, spot nonsense even if it's attached to a beautiful place. you tell me in it's crossing a line. tell me what you think. >>> tamron, almost 4:00 on the east coast. we are just getting started. the pentagon launches an investigation into the ft. hood shootings. we now know the army was warned about the accused shooter two years ago. so were there some dots that officials could have connected? >>> harry reid setting the stage on a crucial vote for his iraq bill saturday. does he really have the 60 votes to bring this to debate? >>> new calls today for treasury secretary tim geithner to step down. we'll talk about that with ed schultz. you're watching "the big picture." (announc
they? >> courtney o'donnell and katie mccormick. >> okay, thank you. we do it here. this is "hardball." thank you, roxanne roberts. coming up, what's wrong with the obama administration that something like this could happen in the first place? we're going to get to the white house staff aspect. the secret service has had their moment. we've got to move on here. what went wrong in the security breach that allowed two people to walk into the white house without any reason to be there? you're watching "hardball," only on msnbc. go. but only one can do it while driving on electricity. the gmc sierra hybrid. the most fuel-efficient full-size pickup on the road. may the best truck win. the 5-year, 100,000 mile transferable powertrain warranty, from gmc. with roadside assistance and courtesy transportation, it's the best coverage in america. . >>> coming up, cagey tiger. does golf superstar tiger woods need to set the record straight regarding his mysterious car crash? unusual territory for us, but we'll go this when "hardball" returns after this. ge capital understands what small businesses
with the vice president, the white house chief of staff, katie couric and other notable individuals. so a lot of red-faced officials here over the last couple of days at the white house. apparently these folks were just publicity seekers. they're from neighboring northern virginia, aspiring socialits. the number of claims they've made about themselves have been debunked. the claims they made on facebook, facebook was the original way we learned they had gotten into the white house. they posted those pictures themselves. but mrs. salahi claimed to be a washington redskins cheerleader. the chaer leader alum any has no recollection of her being part of that xwaurd. she claims to be a victoria's secret model. now they're saying they have no record that she was ever a model for that organization as well. a lot of going back through their claims and counterclaims. but the bottom line here is, this couple got into the white house at a state dinner among some of the more powerful people in the country. not only this country, of course, but india and many people here are embarrassed, alex. >> mike , m
the president's state dinner on tuesday night. look at the pictures there. there they are, katie couric. another with our vice president, joe biden. and other luminaries, rubbing elbows with the washington elite there. they posted all these pictures, one with rahm emanual, they posted pictures on facebook. nbc's savannah guthrie is live at white house. there's some explaining to do behind this story. good morning to you. >> reporter: hey, alex. certainly the secret service is investigating this morning. they said that they do know that there have been procedures that broke down at one of the security checkpoints, but they point out everybody was -- so there was not a threat to the president. there are questions about how a couple could get through all the layers of security and get that close to the president. >> on behalf of michelle and myself, welcome to the white house. >> reporter: state dinners at the white house are lavish important affairs, part ceremony, part diplomacy. and definitely the hottest ticket in town. this was the obama's first, and everyone was watching. >> general and mrs.
who will be along in a second. katie, how do you look at this? when you look at the cold piece that the congressman just describeded with hyde amendment explicitly banning taxpayer dollars from funding abortion, so there is not taxpayer funded abortion as the current legislation stands, and then looking at this legislation as an further opportunity, why now and why this way? >> one point i wanted to bring up, the prolifers are now in the majority. we we had three national polls that show prolife are now 51% of the american people. >> so i will stop you there. let's say that that is true, and let's say it's bigger. why make a health reform debate in this country, which is a very expensive and very inefficient system in america, having nothing to do with abortion or single payer or anything else, and we spend more than anybody else, and why choose the health reform debate as an opportunity to represent the interest of the new prolife majority as you described it to try and push it? why not have a abortion debate separate? >> well, what matters most is upholding the dignity of the
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15 (some duplicates have been removed)